At Guardian Christian Academy, our goal is to provide the highest level of education for an affordable price. We strive to teach all of our students in a manner pleasing to God and to glorify Him in all that we do. We utilize a variety of education tools in technology and in traditional classroom learning styles. We offer more one-on-one time that standard public schools, which gives your student more opportunities for success.

Our College prep program is designed with your student's future in mind. We aim to provide the same opportunity of college to every students who chooses this path. Along with our stringent college prep plan, we also incorporate Dual Enrollment for all Juniors and Seniors in order to give them a leg up and to get ahead.

We are partnered with Truett-McConnell University to offer all available Dual Enrollment courses.

Dual Enrollment Benefits

GCA students who enroll in Dual Enrollment through Truett-McConnell University have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing benefits:

  • Students begin college earlier, offering an earlier graduation date, opening up more opportunity for starting the career of their choice

  • College classes within the dual enrollment program at GCA offer huge discounts on college courses, saving tons of money in the long run

  • Students will earn both high school and college credits at the same time, cutting down overall work requirements

  • College credits earned from Truett-McConnell re transferable to other colleges or universities

  • It will take less time overall to achieve a college degree

  • Dual enrollment courses better prepare our students for college

  • Allows for students to complete general credits, allowing them to enroll in core classes for their major once they enroll in college full time

  • Students will have more time to focus on their future

  • Students will have full access to college resources, which are invaluable for high school courses


For more information about the program and how to sign up, please contact us!