Career Prep

We want to encourage our students to feel like there is more to their future than just college. Our mission can be fulfilled in any facet of life and career. These are the businesses that we have felt meet our guidelines for career preparation for our students that show interest.

Auto Mechanic

Bailey Automotive, owned and operated by Todd Bailey is a devout Christian who encourages strong morals and hard workmanship.

Blue Bird Electric

Blue Bird Electric is a Christian-owned Residential Electric company with a desire to work with youth and help teach them valuable trade skills.

GA HVAC Experts

GA HVAC Experts is a thriving, Christian-owned business specializing in Residential and Commercial HVAC repair and replacements.

Fresh Start Painting

Fresh Start Painting is a home grown Christian-owned customer owned and operated by Micah Smith, a thriving Alum of Guardian Christian Academy.

With the help of all of these businesses, we believe that we can generate passion and excitement for non-college opportunities for students that don't feel as though college is the right choice for them. If your students has shown interent in following a trade career path, we can set them up for success!

If you are a trade business and are interested in partnering with us, please send our Director of Student Affairs, Ryan Tarver, an email at, or give him a call at (470) 441-5500 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST.