We offer Dual Enrollment opportunities to our high school students through Truett-McConnell University.


GCA students who enroll in Dual Enrollment through Truett-McConnell University have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing benefits:

  • Students begin college earlier, offering an earlier graduation date, opening up more opportunity for starting the career of their choice

  • College classes within the dual enrollment program at GCA offer huge discounts on college courses, saving tons of money in the long run

  • Students will earn both high school and college credits at the same time, cutting down overall work requirements

  • College credits earned from Truett-McConnell re transferable to other colleges or universities

  • It will take less time overall to achieve a college degree

  • Dual enrollment courses better prepare our students for college

  • Allows for students to complete general credits, allowing them to enroll in core classes for their major once they enroll in college full time

  • Students will have more time to focus on their future

  • Students will have full access to college resources, which are invaluable for high school courses


For more information about the program and how to sign up, please contact us!