Here at Guardian Christian Academy, we offer a unique option for students who wish to graduate on time! Our Credit Recovery program is an awesome opportunity for students who want to catch up on failed courses, or get ahead and graduate early, getting a head start on forming their futures!

Credit Recovery Benefits

GCA students who enroll in our Credit Recovery Program have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing benefits:

  • For students who have previously failed or are behind on certain courses, they will have the opportunity to catch up and graduate on time

  • Students hoping to graduate early have the opportunity to do so by enrolling in our independent study program, combining our in class courses, as well as courses online

  • Our online courses are taught by real teachers, allowing one-on-one communication, providing the highest quality education available

  • All online courses are fully accredited in the state of Georgia

For more information about the program and how to sign up, please contact us!

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